A washing machine is an important appliance for any Indian household as in Indian society the citizens love to wash their clothes by themselves and doesn’t prefer laundry mostly. By any chance, if you prefer Laundry for washing your clothes then it will cost you 2k – 3k per month for a family of 4 people. But rather than if you invest some money for one time then you can buy a washing machine for your home and save a lot of money for washing clothes. A washing machine also reduces human effort since it will do it all alone. If you are planning to buy one for your house then you should be aware of the best washing machine brands India and get the best appliance for you.

  • LG:

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As the name of the company refers to Life’s Good this is a leading manufacturer of electronic appliances in India and the world as well. You can buy in a various price range starting from low to higher there is something for everyone. LG uses true steam technology in its washing machine that destroys all the allergens present in the clothes and kills bacteria. To ensure minimal noise and save energy there is inverter direct drive technology that provides a direct connection between the drum and motor. The balance of the machine provides vibration-free operation while it is washing your clothes which makes it an optimized experience for the users.

  • IFB:

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IFB manufacturers only fully automatic washing machines that have captured around 35% of the Indian electronics market. The quality of machines is superior which is makes them one of the best washing machine brands India. They have cradle wash feature in their washing machines which ensures soft and fragile clothes are maintained their quality. Smart Loader Technology ensures each category of clothes can be taken care of and the quality of the cloth remains the same every time.

  • Samsung:

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Known as one of the best top load washing machine offered by Samsung it is also a leading brand for electronics manufacturers in India. Samsung uses Flexwash technology that allows a hybrid design that is equipped with both front and top load machines. The air wash technology reduces any odour from the clothes and gives a pleasant smell of any detergent. 

The above mentioned were the best washing machine brands India which are known as leading manufacturers in India as well as the world. If you are planning to buy any then you can go for any of these and enjoy the washing.