How to go Minimal: Top tips for Simple Style

How to go Minimal: Top tips for Simple Style

Minimalism is more than just a serene style. It’s a beautiful way to reduce anxiety and appreciate the precious things in life.

Cutting down on the excess puts the focus on the things you love about your home. Let the value of everything you own shine with this timeless approach to design.

Going completely minimal is no small task, so here’s some simple advice to get you started.

Clear up the clutter

Barely-read magazines, junk mail, old notes and sunglasses. It’s amazing how many things pile up on a neglected surface!

Minimal living is all about keeping what you really need, so the first step is to clear your home of clutter.

Starting with a general tidy up is a great way to start thinking about how you use your space. If the task feels slightly overwhelming, just take it one area at a time. Before you know it, your room and then your home will look spotless.

Keep it simple

Furniture gets all the focus in a minimal home, so try not to over-complicate things. Go for simple shapes and clean lines to keep that sleek style.

For some inspiration, look into mid-century modern design – a great go-to that never seems to go out of style.

Bright and breezy

Lots of light makes your room seem larger and the air feel cleaner. Large windows and light, soft lighting make your home feel like a calm and relaxing place to be.

Consider some thin curtains and a new lick of paint for that light and effortless feel.

Think before you buy

When it comes to re-designing your home, it’s tempting to buy everything that suits your new style- but with minimalism it’s time to do the opposite.

Quality over quantity is key, so consider what you really need before taking a shopping trip.

We might even have some ideas for you…

Clever storage

Find nifty storage solutions for every room in the home, like under-bed storage, a storage footstool or even a sofa with storage compartment. All are fantastic for keeping your accessories and guest bedding under wraps.

Creature comforts

Simple style doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice cosiness! Colourful cushions and snug rugs give a beautiful balance of textures – the cherry on the cake of minimal design.

Don’t fear décor

A few features, photo frames and ornaments can fit beautifully in to the minimalist style. The trick is to balance this with areas of open space.

Feel free to decorate your bookshelf with keepsakes and photos but avoid crowding everything together. Space things out a bit to strike a balance.

Wall art can set the tone for your whole room. It works to great effect when it matches the colour scheme of the room. Leave plenty of space around larger pieces for maximum impact.

Quirky highlights

Don’t be afraid of showing off your quirks. Keep your peculiar ornament, and if an odd-looking piece catches your eye, don’t rule it out. Interesting features stand out the most in a minimalist space.

And really, that’s the beauty of minimalism. Drawing attention to one small thing that says everything about you reminds us what really makes a house feel like home.

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