Wallpaper is back and bolder than ever

Wallpaper is back and bolder than ever

Wallpaper is back.

And it’s making a statement. A big statement. Wallpaper is no longer the boring and bland stuff from the 80s and 90s, it’s bright and bold. It’s shaken off the uncool persona it used to have and it’s now a leading trend. In fact, searches for bold print wallpaper has shot up by 400% on Pinterest.

It shouldn’t be that surprising that these trends are on the rise though. There’s a tonne of options, the styles are far-ranging, and it’s easier than sitting and painting patterns or pictures on your wall – there’s also no lingering paint smell.

With bold wallpaper, you can enjoy instant aesthetics by creating a visually stunning accent wall or transforming the look of your entire room. With this wallpaper, there’s minimal effort required – it’s as easy to take down as it is to put up, meaning there’s no long-term commitment.

The following are the key trending styles of contemporary wallpaper.


There’s little better than a beautiful natural view; the rolling hills, open meadows, and breezy trees. However, as you’re probably living in a city centre or the suburbs these views are harder to come by. So do the next best thing: fake it.
Representations of nature can give us the similar relaxing benefits of the real thing. So that palm leaf print wall in the living room isn’t only a design statement but it can also give you pleasing emotional benefits.

Our biophilic prints will be a stylish hit in your modern, chic, contemporary interior. Perfect for a bold accent wall in a lighter coloured or white room.

Graphic / Art Deco

Channel the optimistic energy of the Art-Deco era into your living space with a symmetrically geometric graphic print wall. A timeless look that brings strong visual interest to a wall without overpowering the surroundings. To get the look right, simpler patterns work best and go for classic colours that you won’t tire of.
With our wallpapers you can get all the glamour of the Great Gatsby without the eye-watering expenditure. These bold pattern prints add a lively sense of movement to your interior with a timeless look that keeps its modern edge.

Textured Metals

Textured metals bring a pop of glam into any space, they’re a fun way to bring a luxurious look into your home.
Similar to graphic Art-Deco style wallpapers, less is more. With metallics you want a look that comes off as soothing and lively without the risk of appearing too busy and overwhelming a space. These prints will bring a sense of depth to your walls without taking the spotlight.
For modern and contemporary style interiors, choose silver tones and for vintage and more Art Deco style interiors, choose warmer tones such as gold, copper, or bronze.

Animal Print

Perhaps the most stand out style, the safari-chic look is a gamechanger. Animal prints can be as tame – or as wild – as you’d like, each will give your space a luxurious atmosphere.

For a chic or vintage style interior, go bold with a tiger or leopard print wallpaper. Or for a more relaxed, contemporary look choose a print with simple colours and a more subtle pattern. No matter which you choose, A bit of wild in your interior keeps it fun and exciting.


  • Tropics

  • Diamond

  • Fire Circle

  • Animal Safari

  • Palm Springs

  • Lux Weave

Wallpapers are back for good. Be as bold, modern, or elegant as you want – no matter which you choose, these easy-to-apply wallpapers uplift your interior instantly. You can transform your entire interior in no time at all.

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